Friday, 6 December 2013

A hand made Christmas in Brighton

This is the most festive I have ever been in my whole life. It was nice to have all of the house mates together with some wine and decorate the house. We were determined to make as much as we can and have none of the normal sparkly tat. Here's how we did it..........

We got ever so carried away with the silver spray paint. AND THEN IT RAN OUT wahhh

Sewing little stockings!

These were super easy to make and look so effective! Then we sprayed them with silver of course!
There's loads of links on you tube, heres one that we used....

Getting everything ready to get crafty!

The first hand made bow goes on the tree.

I bought some laser cut decorations the 3rd textile students at my work made to raise money for New Designers. 

I made a few bows out of some hand woven fabric samples. I also used strips of cut off selvedge I got when I did a work placement at Wallace Sewell about 3 million years ago. Who needs tinsel? We also used ribbon and those strings of bobbles you can get.

I hand painted some wooden beads I had lying around in festive colours, then used them as baubles. 

We made some classic snow flakes too, using red and silver paper. O and paper chains, much to my house mates horror, but I love them. 

The finished tree! Now time for a cuppa.........

Friday, 11 October 2013

Top 5 Heritage Style Coats from Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Trawling the internet for a fashionable AND warm coat was proving difficult, well in my price range anyway. So I ended up drooling over coats I can't afford on netaporta and vouge.

I became epically distracted by the heritage trend this autumn/winter. 

Here is a selection of my favourite weavy-heritage-esk coats....

Coming in at number 1 is.........

Haider Ackermann wool blend coat. 

Winning for it's monochrome woven patterns and overall style. At over 3 and a half grand, I'd say it's almost worth it. I don't think I could ever leave the house wearing it in fear of hurting it.


Number 2......

Tommy Hilfigure's wooly checked wonder. 

Looks so warm and snugly, great use of over sized check, the colour and weave effect is MASSIVE. 

Number 3......

Tommy Hilfigure's colour and weave, two check, trench.

The contrast between the dog tooth and the very cleaver colour and weave check is genius. This is my favourite use of weave however it's just not snuggly enough for me.

Number 4.......

Burberry's giant plaid coat.

The most colourful of the bunch.

Number 5....... 

Dagmar's Anissa tweed coat.

A very classic look using a beautiful understated tweedy fabric.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Getting back into weave.....

I will always love woven textile design, and there is always so much beautiful stuff out there to be discovered. It's just sometimes I neglect it a little, work always seems to take over, so I've been doing a bit of research in order to feel inspired. And it is certainly working, here's a rundown of what I have found.


These beautiful hand woven cushions and throws are hand woven in Spain by Teixidors. Teixidors are a social project who help and support people with learning difficulties by teaching them the art of manual weaving.

They are so simple but the gorgeous colour combinations and the texture of the yearn creates something so beautiful I want to eat it. I love how the fringing from the warp creates contrast, and also the contrast of the different coloured yarn used to finish the edge of the throws.

Find out more about the company by visiting their website....

Laura Fletcher

These cushions are right up my street, bright and vivid colour combinations shown off by a block of neutral colour which makes it seem that more intense. Laura draws her inspiration from her own photography, finding subtle colour and pattern influences in the most normal objects such as tree bark or a piece of weathered rope.  Laura is highly skilled at colour placement and proportioning,  which make her fabrics a dream to look at. Laura also has a range of lampshades, throws, and hand painted cards. 

Find out more by visiting her website......

Guatemalan Fabrics

I have always been drawn to fabrics woven in Guatemala by woman on back strap looms. I think it's the rainbow of colours all piled on top off each other I find so interesting I could stare at pictures of them all day. I would absolutely love to to Guatemala, I just know I'd come back with hundreds of yards of cloth! I investigated the background and techniques a lot whilst I was studying for my MA and  was very influenced for my final project. I will definitely use some Guatemalan influences in my next work! I am very brave when it comes to colour, but I think I just need to be even more adventurous. 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all these gorgeous fabrics. I shall continue to update you with more wonders by treating my blog as a sort of online sketchbook/research folder. Since leaving uni (and the amazing looms) I have struggled with trying to get my style right. I have an 8 shaft table loom which I find incredibly slow as each shaft is lifted manually by pegs. I know I am very lucky to even have a loom and there is so much variation you can get with 8 shafts. I just have to keep going until something clicks. 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

My dad was a talented artist who had a passion for anything creative, I think I had a lot more in common with him than I realised. His life was cut short and had suffered with Parkinson's for most of his adult life, although at first the disease had stopped him for creating art he learnt to work with the tremors to create a new way of painting.
I was going through some things tonight which has inspired me to write this blog and share with you some of the creative things he did.

Painting , pre-parkinson's, notice the change in style to the ones below.

When I was a chile these types of paintings used to remind me of the maggots he used to keep for fishing trips. He used to build up these paintings for months, painting over and over the top. They always ended up looking nothing like they had when they were started. I love the blended/ombre effects, now with my textile background I could see these making wonderful fabrics. If only we had the original paintings still I could make that come true. But unfortunately we have no idea who half the paintings were sold to.

This is one of my favourite, again the style has changed, this was after he had had the deep brain pacemaker fitted which controlled some of the tremors, but you can see that the previous style was still influential. Luckily I know who this painting was sold to and I can still see it in real life from time to time.

My dad was very keen on buying and selling antique items (usually mining lamps or war memorabilia) but one day he presented me with this beautiful pocket watch. At the time I thought it was a bit random having expressed no desire towards owning one (I was a teenager i think it's forgivable), anyway, I came to appreciate its beauty and now treasure it with all my heart.

When I was little he used collect minerals and being a magpie I was fascinated by the pretty colours, shiny/glittery stones and amazing patterns. I had completely forgotten about this one, he had a hole drilled into it and put it on a chain for me! I'm going to get it a better jump ring and buy it a nice chunky gold chain. I can't wait to wear it again. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you wanted to learn more about Parkinson's, or donate to the charity here's a link........

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


2012 has been a mixture of emotions for me. I completed my MA in Textile Design and had the best time and met some amazing people along the way.....
I then got hurtled back to reality, and back to bar work but I'm determined 2013 is going to be MY year.

Here are my New Years resolutions.......

Properly officially start my business.........

 online shop, new website, branding the lot. I'm going to invent a necklace that incorporates hand weaving too, I don't want to detach myself from what I've been learning for the past year!

Move out.........

Maybe not to somewhere as grand as this place but I would love to have my own space somewhere.

Get swept off my feet by a knight in shining armour.........

Ok maybe slightly unrealistic but I can dream!

Get my own cat......

and stop stealing next doors!

Drink less........

Hmm we'll see how that goes.

Be happy!......

and eat more potato smileys.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cats and Craft

Cats seem to be cropping up everywhere in my life at the moment. I spend far too much time searching for amusing images on instagram. I'm slightly worried i'm turning into a mad cat lady. The thing is I don't even own a cat. Cats and craft seem to fit together very well, so here are a few images I've come across recently.......

Cats in jumpers. Genius. 

Beautiful cat collar clips by 'Ladybird Likes'.

Cats just love textiles.

Cat graffiti by Brighton graffiti artist 'Cassette Lord'. I did wonder where else he could go with the whole cassette image but i love this!

I momentarily cat napped my next door neighbours cat and cobbled together a toy with string and paper. 

Ridiculous/cute/silly/amazing hand crafted textile ornament by 'Materialised'.

Simply amazing hand stitched leather shoes by 'Love from Hetty and Dave'.

Oscar cat being adorable.

Bella cat 'helping' me fringe a scarf, I couldn't bare to kick her off.

Ok its not strictly a cat but its a sort of cat, a big cat. And this print from Hello Dodo, Brighton based printers, always makes me smile.

I'll finished with these rings and broaches from 'I Like Cats', Brighton based artist/crafter.

I like cats too.